Logitrans Unique Multi-Drum Turners

Logitrans is an innovative, top quality brand and company, it has proven itself time and time again, with their range of well designed electrically operated drum turners and other top quality lifting equipment. As a company Logitrans is highly knowledgeable in the industry, going into the 3rd generation of family to successully run their business, they continue to come up with new and innovated products, producing a wide array of lifting equipment for all types of industries and adhering to all the latest safety tests and health regulations. They’re a well known and trusted company which is why their products sell, In this post, I will discuss Logitrans Multi Drum Turners and what makes them a great product in various industries.


Good drum material handling products and tools are vital to have, they play such an important role in many industries that deal with drums of all types. These Logitrans drum handlers offer many more features than a standard forklit attachment, in this post I will discuss and go through what makes these products an excellent choice when it comes to lifting, moving and transporting drums around your work-site.

An example of an industry where drum handling is done on a daily basis is the oil industry, which easily handles the most amount of drums per year, with up to 35 Billion barrels of oil being produced in 2017, which is an incredible amount. Drum handlers are an important tool for many industries, we will take a look at the tools available from Logitrans then what features and benefits they have to offer you.

Drum handling, Not Only For The Oil Industry

Drum handling is a common task when it comes to, chemical factories, pharmaceutical factories or the food production industries, that are dealing with liquid material in steel or plastic drums. A lot of the time these are hazardous materials and careful handling must be ensured, over the years many safety regulations have been placed on those handling materials of this nature and for good reasons, to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries and to protect the environment. Knowing the risks in these industries and complying with the regulations is best practice to avoid mishaps or accidents.




  • Handles steel, plastic, small, low, high, square, round drums from 300mm to 600mm
  • Remote control for rotation, lifting/lowering and clamping
  • Tailor-made solutions are possible
  • Capacity 350kg
  • Horizontal or vertical position
  • Rotation of 360°
  • Rotation and opening/closing of the gripping arms is electric
  • Propulsion as well as lifting and lowering is electric

What makes these Multi drum handlers a great product is having the ability to pick up and transport multiple sized drums, from large to small with ease from an electric motor. The width on the narrower legs is small allowing it to fit easily through narrow sections.

Space saving which is in important feature to have can then be achieved by not having to purchase other drum turning equipment for handling other size drums you might have to deal with, these drum turners can handle them all.


With the Straddle legs offering great stability for very heavy loads or the normal legs which have the advantage of moving between very narrow paths making it flexible for many sites.

All of these features make this product work so well in many different industries, its ability to grab and move multiple different types of drum its in with the reality that a factory doesn't just handle only one type of drum it is more the case that a variety of drums need to be handled. Owning a drum turner that can handle all kinds of drums and in both the horizontal and vertical positions carrying drums of different material and also dimensions, drums of steel or plastic construction is a practical and excellent feature to have.

Operating The Logitrans Multi Drum Turner

The lifting capacity of these drum turner's is 350 kg, with a rotation of 360 degrees. The rotation, opening and closing of the gripping arms is completely electric. Propulsion as well as the function of lifting and lowering is electric on the fully powered Logiflex. The Logiflex multi drum turner comes with a set of flexible, specially made grippers that can be easily adjusted according to the drum type diameter to be lifted. The grippers can then be easily adjusted without having or needing tools, so as to be made to it large or small drums.

These Logiflex drum turners have been designed with safety in mind and come with safety locks for the grippers with a locking plate and top lock.

Whats included with these Logitrans multi drum turner

  • Battery and changer



Keeping in mind industrial drums weights, with the average weight of a 55 gallon drum being between 180kg to 270kg. These weights pose a signiicant safety risk for operators in material handling or warehousing occupations. The reality is that drums when fully loaded are much heavier than they appear and rolling them or any form of manual handling them at this stage of the process is just risky and should not be done, as the risk is high for injuries to operators.

It is important to avoid manual handling of drums as much as possible, as manual handling is less efficient, it is critical to not only have a more efficient workflow but more importantly to reduce back strain and injury to the operators on site, it is all too common to revert back to the old ways of manually handling drums, for example just because they needed to be moved a short distance, but there is always safer ways of doing things. These potentially dangerous hazards can be managed using both the appropriate equipment and using proper safety procedures. Safe handling of drums ultimately comes down to education and good training for operators, understanding the risks and minimising the potential for accidents to occur is key.



Another area where drum handling is required is in the food industry with drums of many various shapes and sizes being used in the process. The consumer of these foods rarely will think about the process of food manuacturing and the health and safety requirements which are stringently in place, These regulations have been put in place for good reasons, as it is understandable that the longer the route from the arm to the fork there is, then it is even more important that food is handled in a careful and efficient manner through the process. It is easily said that now a days food manuacturing is a highly tuned industrial process running efficiently in many countries world wide, What makes this so?

Hygiene Requirements

Material handling equipment must meet all the strict hygiene requirements that are within the food industry. The equipment should be able to handle a variety of differences from temperature fluctuations, high humidity and also the environments which are home to aggressive chemicals such as acids in the food manuacturing processes. It is important to consider your work site requirements when choosing equipment.

Food manufacturing requires equipment have

  • No product contamination where any particles could fall into the food
  • must be easy to clean
  • needs to be resistant to aggressive environments must have corrosion resistant material
  • is able to easily lift and transport the food repeatedly with out breaking, ensuring it has a long operating life
  • able to be flexible for testing new production developments

Logitrans offers many products for the food industry and their drum handling equipment is certainly up to par.



The construction of the Logitrans Drum Turners are built to last and are very strong, the materials used are well put together, overall these drum turners have a low maintenance costs due to their strong construction and build quality.

It is still important to inspect these machines regularly to ensure they are in good working order, as with any important equipment ensuring the product lasts the length of service life it should have. The batteries these drum turners are supplied with are low maintenance batteries reducing down time, as with batteries for lifting equipment they do a lot of work. Ensuring your logitrans is stored properly and out of any harsh environments like the outdoors when not in use, this will also help to keep it maintained or longer.


There are many things to keep in mind when it comes to drum turning and transportation, having a good understanding of your main requirements will help in determining if the logitrans multi drum turner is a product to suit your needs.

When it comes to drum handling Logitrans multi drum turners provide a solution that is not only packed full of features but there product is designed very efficiently, you will wonder why you didn't buy it sooner. These logitrans multi drum turner’s are a quality product serving many industries.

In summary we have a product that serves to meet the requirements of many industries such as the food industry, pharmaceutical, distribution industries and many more, these products are used within these many industries and designed with health & safety in mind. View all out material handling equipment here.