William Hackett Manual Chain Hoists (Chain Blocks)

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The William Hackett WH-C4 Chain Hoist in Ireland is the most robust and economical chain block that is on the market. The William Hackett WH-C4 Chain Hoist meets and exceeds the requirements of international standards.

The design and specification of the WH-C4 chain hoist includes:

Working Load Limit Range (Capacity): 500kg to 5 tonnes.

Light Load Capability: the WH-C4 is tested and certified at 2% of the chain hoist rated capacity.

Twin Pawl: double safety; fitted as standard.

Safety Latches: the WH-C4 chain hoist top and bottom hooks are fitted with heavy duty cast steel latches. The latch and hook tip are integrated creating a strong and robust hook closure.

Hook Housing: the WH-C4 chain hoist top and bottom hook housing are secured with socket head cap screws/hex head bolts and nyloc insert locking nuts.

Load Chain: WH-C4 chain blocks are fitted with load chain that fully complies with international standard BS EN818-7 Grade T (8). 



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Capacity options:

500kg up to 5Ton

Length of load chain options:

From 3 meter up to 12 meter


CE Marked and comes with Certification

Specification sheet:

william hackett

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