A Guide to Choosing a Mobile Scissor Lift Table

For decades, many industries have benefited from the use of scissor lift tables, reducing workload, increasing productivity, and preventing injury and back strain. Whether you’re in construction, a warehouse, or even dog grooming, it goes without saying that you need to work at changing heights easily and efficiently and these lift tables are an essential piece of equipment.

In this article I will be going through crucial bits of information to consider if you're thinking about buying a mobile scissor lift table, in particular.


In the absence of one, workers in varying occupations strain to work at varying heights for extended periods of time, the constant reaching and bending down is avoided if the work surface is easily adjustable.

Sometimes known as aerial work platforms (AWP), scissor lifts, generally, are adjustable platforms sitting on criss-crossed supporting bars designed for lifting loads in a smooth motion. Scissor lifts use various methods in order to function, mechanical, pneumatic or hydraulic power.

With the hydraulic powered table lifts, the platform is raised smoothly with an adequate amount of force while supporting beams which connect the two sets of scissors prevent the risk of sideways collapse.

They come in a variety of sizes and capacities suitable for different uses involved repetitive bending and straining.


A scissor lift table can be used in any situation that might require workers to work at various heights. Although scissor lift tables started in industrial environments like factories or job sites, their efficiency means that they are now widely used in all sorts of industries such as equipment service, transportation, manufacturing, printing, crafting, wood and metal working.

Typical uses include:

  • Workshops, to accommodate various seating and standing positions
  • Vehicle loading and docking operations
  • Multilevel handling and assembling
  • Work positioning and materials handling
  • Working under or over equipment and vehicles
  • Dog grooming
  • Load positioning (such as when integrated into conveyor systems)
  • Furniture upholstery
  • Handling long and/or heavy work pieces
  • Loading and unloading pallets


    The practicality of the mobile scissor lift table is only matched by its simplicity and ease of use. This incredibly versatile tool can serve many purposes so it may be worth your while to see how you can benefit from it. Here I will outline some of the many advantages of choosing a scissor lift table over any other option.


    In any work environment that involves physical work, the safety of your employees is the top priority. Constant bending and twisting for an extended amount of time causes lasting, painful strain that leads to someone taking time off work and maybe even claims.

    The scissor lift reduces any risks associated with lifting heavy materials up at a height so you never have to worry about repetitive strain injuries or pressure on your back caused by heavy lifting.

    The weight of the load is distributed evenly thanks to the construction of the scissor bars under the platform so it is guaranteed to be sturdy with proper maintenance and care. This paired with the power of hydraulics means you can trust that this table can easily withstand anything up to its maximum capacity.


    The mobility of the lifting tables makes loading and unloading especially simple. The need for constant walking back and forth with loads is eliminated so fatigue of workers is significantly reduced while work is carried out quickly and with efficiency.

    These tables optimize the lifting process when it comes to maintenance or repair of heavy machinery, or even when it comes to lifting a St Bernard dog up for grooming. There’s no need to worry about the dangers of twisting and bending as working at a customized height is as ergonomic as you can get.



    Unlike standard adjustable tables, hydraulic-powered mobile lifting tables can withstand heavier weights with ease and stability. To add to its versatility, turntables can be a handy accessory  that gives you more options by allowing the angle of the object being worked on.



    One overlooked benefit of a mobile scissor lift table is how little space it takes up when not in use. It can be easily wheeled and quickly folded making it quick and perfect for workshops with a limited amount of space.

    Sometimes the locations for a certain type of work would vary, having a mobile version of these tables is generally favoured over the stationary kind.

    In warehouses busy with transport vehicles, these mobile tables are almost a necessity as they can easily be moved aside by 1 worker to clear a path.



    Taking into account the time and money wasted on inefficiency and preventable workplace injuries due to repetitive strain, the scissor lift table is a sound investment both in terms of money and the health of your employees. With some occasional maintenance, these tables are built to last.



    After some brief reading about the model, anyone can operate a scissor lift table.

    Scissor Lift Tables have an straightforward design that, after a bit of training, anyone could operate! They have a simple structure that makes them so easy to use:

    The platform is the surface on which you put the object being lifted.It is available in different sizes and different materials such as stainless steel, for hygiene purposes. To prevent injuries, some platforms are available with anti-crush protections.

    The base of the structure consists of a track which rests on the floor that allows the scissor legs to move in.

    The scissor legs are the adjustable criss-crossed supports that change the height of the platform.

    The hydraulic cylinder powers the lifting motion of the table and is controlled with the foot pedal.


    Before you buy, you just need to know a few basic bits to get you started.

    • What are you going to be lifting and how heavy is it?

    • How high does the object need to be lifted?

    • How is it going to be powered?

    • Does the table need to be portable?

    • What kind of safety features does it need?

    • What is the minimum lift height needed?


    This is the basic but most important part to know, will the maximum weight your going to be lifting be below 100kg or over half a ton? The size of the hydraulic cylinders usually limits this and the struts are also made with a safety factor to carry more weight than the hydraulics can handle.


    Lifting tables are available in single or double scissor mechanisms, find out how high you may need to be lifting.


    Decide what the maximum dimensions of the object you are going to lifting are.


    The size of the table when retracted and folded away may be important if there is limited storage space or very small doorways in the workplace.


    If the lift table is going to be used for maintenance in changing locations it will be beneficial to get a mobile scissor lift.


    The hydraulics in a lift table are often powered by an electric motor or sometimes with high pressure air compression.



    Safety should be the main concern when dealing with lifting heavy loads, that's why it is important to go with a trusted brand with a solid reputation. The workmanship of its construction determine its safety, you should check components such as:

    • Bearings. Ball-bearings or roller bearings are favoured over sleeve bearings.They should be sealed or else have lubrication points.

    • Material thickness. Thinner materials reduce the durability of the lift table.

    • Hydraulic cylinder seals. It is common for oil leaks to happen at the seals in lower quality cylinders.

    • Motor size. A higher lift is achieved with a hydraulic power pack with a higher horsepower.


    Scissor lift tables vary so much in special features, size, and all the points above and generally, each model can be quite versatile and suit all of your needs. So before choosing a scissor lift table, determine its intended use and the minimum requirements along with the level of quality you will need.



    Over the years of improvements to the technology, there are a range of versatile scissor lift tables for you to choose from. They are ubiquitous in many workplaces for the simple reason that they increase productivity by making the job faster, and more importantly, safer. The mobile scissor lifts are the more adaptable range and can handle uneven terrain and being moved around frequently all while maintaining its stability.

    At Lifting365 we offer scissor lift tables to suit your needs and can guarantee that all of our products are CE marked, tested and comes with certification. We have also been rated as the best lifting equipment companies in Ireland.