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3000kg Yale Fixed Wheeled Moving Skates
6000kg Yale Fixed Wheeled Moving Skates
6 Ton LX Steerman Nylon Wheeled Skates
20 Ton Steerman Caterpillar Skates
30 Ton Steerman Caterpillar Skates
12 Ton LX Steerman Nylon Wheeled Skates
60 Ton Steerman Caterpillar Skates
10 Ton SX10 Steerman Load Moving Skates
20 Ton SX20 Steerman Load Moving Skates
30 Ton SX30 Steerman Load Moving Skates
60 Ton S60 Steerman Load Moving Skates

Talk to our team about our range of load moving skates

As a means of moving heavy equipment and other items, load moving skates are widely regarded as particularly useful pieces of lifting gear. At Lifting365, we stock a wide range of skates with capacities ranging from 1 ton to 100 ton, manufactured by Steerman and Yale.

Load moving skates are ideal to use with a toe jack for the easy transportation of heavy loads. They are simple to use and require little training; they are also very safe to use, as long as lifting capacities are adhered to. Our entry-level skates include the popular Yale Fixed Wheeled Moving Skates, which features solid forged steel construction, anti-slip rubber lining and abrasion-resistant nylon wheels.

For bigger and heavier loads, we stock a number of models manufactured by Steerman. These include the LX range, which features a three-point loading system and hardwearing nylon wheels. For loads weighing up to an incredible 100 ton, the Steerman SX and S ranges are ideal. Transport of heavy loads can be made using is a stable three-point loading system; a four-point system can also be used for very bulky or awkwardly shaped loads.

When moving and transporting such heavy loads, safety is key. Our load moving skates, like all lifting gear from Lifting365, come fully tested and certified in compliance with all relevant health and safety regulations. We also have a team of experts who can advise you on the best skates for your job; simply contact us today for more information.