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Why an electric pallet truck from Lifting365 is a great investment

Electric pallet trucks are an automated version of a manual pallet truck, and are ideal for businesses that need to move materials quickly and efficiently around a warehouse or plant. They can also lift heavier, bulkier and more awkwardly shaped loads than manual models. Therefore, for businesses that need to move, lift and handle a lot of goods each day, an electric pallet truck is a worthwhile investment. At Lifting365, we stock powered pallet trucks from Logitrans, a leading global name in lifting gear.

Our range of pallet trucks from Logitrans feature ergonomically correct handles, an elegant design and rounded corners, making the product easy to use and minimising strain on the user. Electric controls and the powerful motor ensure a finely metered and rapid start, while a high-performance hydraulic pump guarantees a smooth lifting of the load. Electric pallet trucks are more expensive than manual versions and require additional training and maintenance; however, they are also far easier and quicker to use, especially with heavier loads, making these an excellent investment for factories and warehouses that need to improve productivity.

In particular, Logitrans powered pallet jacks are particularly good investments, as they are made from the best of materials, ensuring reliability, durability and a long service life. They are also regarded as some of the best designed and safest electric versions on the market; each truck comes fully tested and certified, so you can be assured that your purchase is safe and reliable.