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More About Our Forklift Fork Extensions

We stock high-quality extensions for forklifts in a range of lengths: 1500mm, 1650mm, 1800mm, 2000mm and 2400mm. Designed to make the most of your forklift investment, these fork extensions are ideal attachments for lifting loads that are longer than the forklift’s built-in forks. Quick and easy to attach, these forklift extenders offer long reach while retaining the manoeuvrability of the lift truck for conventional use, perfect for a wide range of jobs. Our range of extenders are made in heavy duty 5mm thick steel with additional 8mm thick internal strengthening plates, making these attachments incredibly durable and strong. A removable heel pin allows for drive-in entry, removing the need for manual fixing. This easy method of attaching the extenders also ensure that they are securely fastened to the forks each and every time – put simply, they take out the risk of errors through manual fitting. Like everything sold by Lifting365, our forklift fork extenders are high quality, safe and durable. All our fork extensions are manufactured to conform to ISO 13284 British Standards, are CE marked and come supplied with a certificate of conformity to comply with the latest health and safety regulations. It is recommended that fork extensions should not exceed the forklift’s own forks by over 66% for safety reasons; this is why we stock such a wide range of lengths. Our customer service team can also advise you on the best length for your forklift, to ensure you lift safely and effectively.