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About forklift drum grabs at Lifting 365

Moving drums can be a delicate and hazardous job, especially if those drums contain dangerous materials, as is common in many sectors such as pharmaceutical and chemical. For these industries, a forklift drum grab is a vital piece of equipment. Whatever your budget or type of job, Lifting365 has the ideal forklift dragger for you, from entry-level universal grabs to innovative hydraulic models.

The range carried at Lifting365 includes the adjustable Forklift Universal Drum Lifter, an adjustable grab that can pick up both steel and 'L' & 'XL' ring plastic drums. This is a budget-friendly and safety-conscious model for businesses that handle drums on a semi-regular basis. We also stock carriage-mounted drum handlers, which are mounted directly to the carriage of a forklift truck and allow the forklift to move steel drums even in smaller areas.

We also stock a wide range of drum rotators and tippers, which can empty, pour or transport drums. Choose between crank handles, hand-turning chains or hydraulics, according to your budget and your preferred operating method. Our most sophisticated model is a hydraulic drum rotator, which moves and rotates the drums from controls in the forklift cab, making the operation ultra-safe and efficient. Like all the forklift attachments sold by Lifting365, our drum grabs come fully tested and certified. For companies looking to optimise handling costs, productivity and employee safety at plants that handle drums regularly, a forklift drum grabber is a relatively low-budget and important investment.