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Purchasing fork-mounted adjustable hooks from Lifting365

Fork mounted hook attachments are ideal for safely hanging a load under the forks of a forklift truck. We stock a number of different models to suit a range of different forklift models and jobs. Our most basic type is the single fork lifting hook, which is simply pushed onto the fork of the forklift and fastened with a spindle. This hook is available in capacities between 1 ton and 5 ton to suit your forklift’s individual capacity.

Our most popular model is a fork mounted adjustable hook attachment, which can be adjusted to give you more flexibility when lifting different loads. Two large T screws allow the hook to be tightened to the fork from the underside for perfect safety when lifting loads. A high-quality swivel hook and shackle is also included to improve safety even further. This highly useful and cost-effective hook attachment is easy and quick to fit, minimising downtime or training for the operator. It’s a budget-friendly way to give your forklift the functionality of a crane without the high cost of hiring one. And, like all our hooks, jibs and attachments, these forklift mounted hooks are best in class and chosen by Lifting365 for their excellent design, durability and safety profile.

Every hook comes tested and certified as adhering to the latest safety standards. Our customer service team includes experts who can talk you through our massive range of hooks and help you choose the right hook for your job.