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Why buy ratchet lever hoists?

At Lifting365, we stock a wide selection of ratchet hoists from acclaimed lifting gear companies such as Yale and William Hackett. Capacities range from 250kg right up to 6,000kg, while chain heights are available in 1.5-3 metres. These ratchet hoists are ideal for moving items that are too awkward, heavy or unsafe for one person to lift by themselves; they can also be used in tight spaces with little height space.

The advantage of lever hoists is that they can be set up quickly and simply by one person. Suitable for a wide range of jobs, their compact size means they can be brought from place to place, wherever they are needed. They are relatively inexpensive, making them a budget-friendly alternative to other lifting gear, such as small chains or chain blocks.

Our range of ratchet lever hoists includes all types of models from simple and compact to more heavy-duty and sophisticated. One of our more cost-effective models is the Yale Handy Ratchet Lever Hoist, which is available in two capacities, 250kg and 500kg, and two height options, 1.5 metres and 3 metres. Another option is the William Hackett WH-L4 Ratchet Lever Hoist, the most robust and economical ratchet lever hoist on the market.

We also stock the patent-pending Yale ERGO 360, which allows the person to work up to 12 times faster and with as much as 30% less effort than with conventional ratchet lever tools. This, and all our ratchet hoists, comes fully certified and tested for your peace of mind.