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Forklift Fender Tip Highlighter
Tool Tray for Forklift Safety Cage
Bauer Forklift Safety Cage - SIKO-M
Bauer Forklift Safety Cage - SIKO

Why Forklift Accessories Are worthwhile Investments

A forklift is a significant investment for every company, big and small, but with a few well-chosen attachments, your investment can be put to use in a wide variety of tasks. At Lifting365, we stock a huge range of top-quality forklift attachments carefully chosen to help you make the most of your forklift. These include attachments for lifting drums, big bags, gas bottles, and wheelies bins, as well as extensions for lifting pallets, snow blades and yard scrapers. Some of the most popular and versatile forklift accessories are fork extenders, which allow you to lift longer and bulkier loads quickly and easily. These are available in a number of different lengths. We also stock forklift tipping skips for collecting and disposing of waste, either regular waste created by a factory or a plant, or more heavy duty rubbish on a construction site. Our forklift drum grabs are designed to improve health and safety and increase productivity by removing the need for manual handling of awkward drums. We stock a range of forklift booms, including those with a low-profile design, which are perfect for handling rolls or coiled products that are stacked. These are just a few of the forklift attachments that we stock; our team can help you find the best accessories for your workplace. Our forklift attachments and accessories go through rigorous testing to ensure they are strong and durable. Full certification is supplied with every product, so you know you have just purchase a high-quality safe product.