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Why buy chain blocks from Lifting365?

At Lifting365 we stock a huge range of manual and electric block & tackle for sale from world-renowned manufacturers such as Yale and William Hackett. Our range includes chain blocks with a wide selection of capacities and chains in a variety of different lengths. Our selection of block & tackle are widely used by warehouses, plants, factories and construction sites throughout Ireland, as they are incredibly useful and cost-efficient pieces of equipment for lifting and lowering heavy loads. A popular choice is a manual chain block, which is easy to use and reliable. We stock manual block & tackle with many different capacities; make sure you have the right capacity for your load to ensure optimal health and safety on site. These are great choices for tight spaces as they are smaller and more portable than their electric counterparts. Our range includes manual chain blocks for sale in capacities from 250kg to 5,000kg, with chain lengths ranging from 3 metres right up to 12 metres. We also stock a range of motorised chain hoists, which can be faster and easier to use for heavier loads. They tend to be bigger and are more difficult to move around; however, these are ideal investments for companies that need to handle heavy loads on a regular basis. Like everything sold by Lifting365, our chain blocks are fully tested and certified prior to shipping. We only stock the very best chain pulley blocks, and our highly experienced customer service team can advise you on the best hoist for your individual needs.