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Tool Tray for Forklift Safety Cage
Bauer Forklift Safety Cage - SIKO-M
Bauer Forklift Safety Cage - SIKO
Bauer Forklift Safety Cage - SIKO/L

Why buy our forklift safety cages?

At Lifting365, we know that safety is paramount when working at a height. We stock a range of forklift safety cages to safely and quickly transport workers from different heights or places. Designed as a temporary solution for jobs such as warehouse picking, construction, building inspection and repairs, safety cages are designed for one or two people, depending on the basket’s capacity and design. Our forklift safety cages are some of the best on the market; when selecting the right cage for your job, consider the design and capacity of the product and look for features such as conformity to HSE guidance note PM28, mesh back guards to protect fingers and limbs, auto locking safety gates, non-slip floors with drainage so water or rain can’t gather and cause slipping, and safety hand rails and harness anchorage. Most importantly, the cage should be right for the job and compatible with your forklift. The forklift safety cages for sale at Lifting365 are all PM28 compliant, are CE marked and come fully tested and certified to comply with latest and the most stringent health and safety regulations. Our strict safety standards mean that all our cage attachments are designed for temporary working at height in as risk-free a manner as possible. As always, we have experts in our customer service team who will be able to advise you on our forklift safety baskets currently available. They are always available to provide more information or answer any questions you may have.

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