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Pfaff SIFEKU Safety Ratchet Crank 17mm Square Drive
Pfaff SIFEKU Safety Ratchet Crank 14mm Square Drive

Why buy safety ratchet cranks from Lifting365?

We carry a range of safety ratchet cranks from Pfaff Silberblau, a manufacturer of high-quality hoisting and material handling equipment that is among the very best on the market today. We have chosen to stock safety ratchet cranks from Pfaff as the company reflects our own commitment to high-quality, safe and certified lifting equipment. With a company history of over 150 years, Pfaff Silberblau’s lifting gear is designed for moving, lifting, positioning and securing heavy loads both ergonomically and safely.

All the Pfaff safety ratchet cranks stocked by Lifting365 are fully tested and certified before the sale. We are proud to stock Pfaff’s SIFEKU range of safety ratchet cranks, which are made from cast aluminium and are available in 14mm and 17mm square drives. Each crank has a 250mm radius and can be used on jacks up to 5000kg capacity. These high-quality safety ratchet cranks are spring-operated and fitted with a folding handle. #

The SIFEKU cranks also boast a silent operation and heavy weather/temperature resistance due to their enclosed design. A braking effect is achieved at both ends. They are also recoil-proof and maintenance-free. We regard the range of safety ratchet cranks stocked by Lifting365 as the best in their class, in terms of functionality, durability and safety. We have a number of experts within our customer service team who can talk you through our range of ratchet cranks and help you identify the best product for your needs. Simply contact us today with any questions.