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Information on lifting magnets from Lifting365

At Lifting365, we stock a wide range of lifting magnets, which are useful pieces of equipment for the easy, quick and economical transport of objects made from ferromagnetic material. Our selection includes tools that can lift anything from multiple small and light objects to transporting heavier items. For smaller and lighter items like nails, nuts, bolts, paperclips and metal shavings, our hand-held magnetic sweeper is the perfect solution.

This product features high-quality stainless steel construction and large rubber wheels. The handle of the magnet can be removed for easy transporting of the tool. When you want to drop the objects, simply press the release mechanism in the handle. We also stock the TPM range of magnets from leading company Yale for lifting and transporting heavier objects, in capacities of 100kg right up to 2,000kg. The compact design of the magnet is practical in a number of different applications and workplaces, such as in the loading and unloading of machines, and the construction of jigs and fixtures.

The magnets are activated or deactivated easily by turning a locking lever. Inactivated mode, the hand lever is safely locked, preventing unintended demagnetising. For lifting and transporting flat pieces of steel, such as sheets or plates, we stock the Tigrip THM Manual Hand / Claw Magnet. This useful tool is available in two options, THM120 (120kg capacity) or THM170 (170kg capacity). Depending on the type, the magnet can be used for plate thicknesses from 1 to 5 mm.