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Why buy crane attachments from Lfting365?

Investing in some simple and budget-friendly attachments can turn a crane into a multi-functional and highly versatile piece of equipment on any site. To help make the most of your investment in a crane, Lifting365 stocks a carefully selected range of high-quality crane lifting attachments. Some of the most useful crane attachments we stock are Camlok TKG-VHS crane forks, which feature adjustable tines, adjustable mast height and a self-weight balancing system. These forks are designed for heavy lifting, with capacities ranging from 1,000kg to 5,000kg. Uniquely versatile, the tines can be adjusted for different sizes of pallets or pushed together to lift rolls or other awkward loads.

Other useful crane attachments stocked by Lifting365 include Camlok bag handlers, ideal for lifting and transporting large bags safely and securely, and our universal crane slung gas cylinder handler, which can lift or move gas bottles with an overhead crane or a forklift truck fitted with a lifting jib/hook. Cranes are heavy-duty pieces of equipment and our selection of attachments are designed to utilise the power of a crane to lift and move big and awkwardly shaped goods. These attachments are also designed with safety in mind, and like all our other products, every one of our crane attachments comes fully certified and tested, adhering to the highest standards of health and safety. They are also designed to be easy and logical to use, requiring little downtime to fit or remove, minimum training to use effectively, and as little maintenance as possible.