Manhole Cover Lifters

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Manhole Cover Seal Breakers
Manhole Cover Seal Breakers
€103 (ex vat)
Mini Lift XL Manhole Cover Lifter Pair
Easy-Lift Manhole Cover Lifter
Long Handled Gatic Lifters and Spanner (Pair)
Probst SDH-Light Manhole Cover Lifter
Probst Magnetic Manhole Cover Lifter
Probst SDH-H Hydraulic Manhole Cover Lifter Kit
Standard Manhole Cover Lifter
Standard Manhole Cover Lifter
€1.932 (ex vat)

Why buy manhole cover lifters from Lifting365?

Our vast range of manhole cover removers is suitable for all types of manhole covers, even those that have not been lifted in a very long time. Every model we stock is durable, high quality and robust; whether you choose a budget-friendly manual version or a more sophisticated hydraulic lifter, you can be sure that our cover removers are the best in their class. Our entry-level manhole cover removers are practical manual models, which are lightweight, compact and easily stored in a car boot. The selection of manual lifters at Lifting365 includes something for every need and job; including versions that can be used by just one person, that feature long handles to reduce strain on the back, and that can be used on all types of covers, including rectangular, round, triangular and split covers. Every lifter is designed to be used quickly and easily, with little manual work required. For more regular manhole cover lifting, hydraulic models are efficient and quick to use, with the tool doing the manual work for the person. They are also designed to lift even the heaviest of covers, and most come equipped with a range of keys. Both our manual and hydraulic lifters are certified for compliance with health and safety regulations. Our selection of manhole lifting tools is complemented by a range of accessories, including seal breakers, which are designed to break the seal on tight manhole covers or to lift jammed manhole covers. We also stock a handy storage box for use in a van, garage, warehouse or workplace.