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Yale Single Point Safety Harness
Yale Two Point Safety Harness
Yale Extra Large Two Point Harness
Yale Rescue Harness
Yale Safety Harness - Restraint Kit
Yale Three Point Safety Harness
Yale Safety Harness - Basic Kit
Yale Safety Harness - Scaffold Kit
Yale Safety Harness - Crane Kit
Yale Four Point Quick Connect Harness
Yale Safety Harness - Construction Kit
Yale Riggers Harness
Yale Safety Harness - Work Positioning Kit

Buy top-quality safety harnesses from Lifting365

At Lifting365, we stock a wide range of safety gear for people working at height. Our products include the high-quality selection of safety harness kits manufactured by world-renowned manufacturer Yale. As well as a basic harness set, the range includes specific kits for crane, scaffold and construction professionals. All Yale products are manufactured under ISO9002 accreditation and meets all relevant European CE standards; their safety kits also adhere to the latest health and safety regulations and come fully certified and tested. Lifting365 is proud to partner with such a highly regarded company as Yale to sell their top-quality fall mprotection kits.

Our safety section includes several kits suitable for different workers. The Basic Kit contains a single-point harness, two screw gate snap hooks and a 2 metre shock absorbing rope lanyard, and is suitable for anyone who needs a safety constraint when working in lifting basket attachments, cherry pickers and other high-platform work spaces. We also stock kits for specific jobs that carry a higher risk of falls and injuries. These include the Scaffold Kit, which adds a scaffold hook to the basic safety kit; a Crane Kit, which includes a two-point safety harness, a 2 metre twin tail shock-absorbing web lanyard, two scaffold hooks and one screw gate snap hook; and a Construction Kit, which consists of a two-point harness, a 2.2 metre webbing retractor and a 800mm anchor sling. For the ultimate in safety, we also stock a Work Positioning Kit, which includes a four-point comfortable harness with back support with a retractable fall protection lanyard.