Hydraulic Toe Jacks

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BVA Hydraulic Toe Jack
BVA Hydraulic Toe Jack
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5 Ton Pfaff MHS Hydraulic Lifting Jack
5 Ton Pfaff MH Hydraulic Lifting Jack
€353.00 (ex vat)
€434.19 (inc vat)
10 Ton Pfaff MHS100 Hydraulic Lifting Jack
10 Ton Pfaff MH Hydraulic Lifting Jack
€442.00 (ex vat)
€543.66 (inc vat)
25 Ton Pfaff MHS Hydraulic Lifting Jack
25 Ton Pfaff MH Hydraulic Lifting Jack
€1,367.00 (ex vat)
€1,681.41 (inc vat)

Top-quality hydraulic toe jacks near you from Lifting365

Manufactured by industry leader Pfaff, our product range of hydraulic toe jacks are ideal for low-height lifting or working in confined spaces. Our selection includes MHS Hydraulic Lifting Jacks in capacities of 5 ton, 10 ton and 25 ton. Easy to operate, precise and suitable for a wide range of jobs, these toe jacks are used widely in a variety of sectors and workplaces, including construction, material handling, bridge building, marine, machinery installation, plant construction, industrial machinery adjustments, offshore oil and gas rigs, automotive, manufacturing and aerospace. Our Pfaff toe jacks operate on a simple and very effective hydraulic system. Simply press the jack handle a number of times to build up pressure in the circuit. The cylinder then rises, lifting the load. Then, a precision lowering valve is used to bring the load down. A pressure control valve increases the service life of the jack. Like all Pfaff products, and indeed all lifting gear stocked by Lifting365, our toe jacks are manufactured in the best materials; each jack features a hard-chromium plated piston rod. All toe jacks stocked by Lifting365 are CE marked, and fully tested and certified before sale, so you can be sure that your chosen product is durable and adhere to strict health and safety regulations. We have a number of experienced personnel in our customer service team who can advise you on the right toe jack for your job, and give you more information on our range of Pfaff jacks.