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Why buy fork shoe protection covers/sleeves from Lifting365?

As relatively heavy-duty pieces of equipment, delicate and fragile goods can be at risk of damage from handling by a forklift. To help protect these goods, Lifting365 stocks a range of fork covers and sleeves, for both temporary and more long-term use. These solutions are available in a range of sizes to suit your particular model of forklift. Our most basic model is our range of cost-effective thick and durable protective sleeves, which are quickly and easily attached to the forks using simple Cambuckle ties. As these covers can be attached to the forks in seconds, these are ideal for companies that handle delicate products semi-regularly and want to minimise the risk of damage from handling by the forklift.

Our range includes fork protection covers made from 8mm thick steel with additional 5mm thick internal strengthening plates for maximum durability. A especially chiselled toe shape optimises pallet handling, reducing the risk of damage and enhances productivity. These covers are also spray coated with 3mm thick Polyurethane, which is very hard wearing and durable. We can also supply these covers with anti-slip sprinkled rubber crumb, on request. . Safety is a priority with our forklift protection sleeves, which are manufactured in compliance with ISO 13284 EN Standards. All our products are fully tested and certified, and our fork shoe covers come CE marked. Need more information on the right product for you and your particular job? Simply contact our knowledgeable customer service team today for advice and help.