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Turn your forklift into a waste disposal vehicle with our range of wheelie bin tippers, which are simply fitted to the forks to provide a quick, simple and safe method of lifting and emptying large wheelie bins. We stock two top-quality models of wheelie bin forklift attachments: the first is designed for 90-240 litre wheelie bins, and the second is to suit more heavy duty 660-1,100 litre wheelie bins with side trunnions. Our forklift wheelie bin tipper attachments are quick and easy to use, as they are simply fitted to the forks of the forklift. Our regular model lifts the bin by the handle, and a pull cord operates the manual winch mechanism to empty the bin when needed. The larger model operates through lifting slots, which lift the bin by way of the side trunnions. When forward motion is applied, the bin can be rotated and its contents emptied into its destination. In addition to our tippers, we stock forklift wheelie bin and drum rotators, which can handle both bins and drums. This handy attachment features a steel girdle to support the bin or drum; this is rotated and moved thanks to a manually operated crank handle. We stock these rotators for both regular wheelie bins and for the larger 660-1,100 litre wheelie bins. Safety is priority with these attachments, just like all our forklift attachments, and all come fully tested and certified for compliance with the latest and the most stringent health and safety regulations.