Forklift Crane Jibs

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230kg Fork Mounted Raised Jib
380kg Fork Mounted Raised Jib
580kg Fork Mounted Raised Jib
830kg Fork Mounted Raised Jib
900kg Fork Mounted Raised Jib
1000kg Fork Mounted Raised Jib
1100kg Fork Mounted Raised Jib
1400kg Fork Mounted Raised Jib
210kg Forklift Jib Extender
500kg Forklift Jib Extender
230kg Forklift Jib Extender
210kg Forklift Jib Raised Extender
230kg Forklift Jib Raised Extender
270kg Forklift Jib Extender
500kg Forklift Jib Raised Extender
370kg Forklift Jib Extender
270kg Forklift Jib Raised Extender
460kg Forklift Jib Extender
370kg Forklift Jib Raised Extender
460kg Forklift Jib Raised Extender
280kg Fork Mounted Raised Jib

Forklift crane jibs from Lifting365

Used in industries and workplaces such as mining, construction, steel fabrication, factories and scrapyards, hook attachments are available as fixed or adjustable; whatever you choose, all are relatively budget-friendly methods of lifting awkward and heavy loads. Forklift jibs are rated in terms of maximum load capacity, which is based on the forklift’s own lifting ability. It’s important not to exceed the lifting capacity of your particular type of forklift, as this will compromise the safety of the machinery, load and personnel.

Some jibs attach on to the fork in a different way using a safety chain that can wrap around the strongest part of the forklift’s carriage for additional support when lifting heavy loads. At Lifting365, we are proud to stock a wide range of forklift attachments. These include both low-profile and raised jibs, and forklift jib raised extenders. We also sell adjustable forklift hooks, which are an extremely cost-effective attachment for your forklift. Our forklift jibs and hooks are available in a range of capacities, and like all our forklift attachments, they come fully tested and certified. Please contact us if you need any more information about our range of fork jibs and hooks.