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a picture of the kensaw fibreglass ladders
Kensaw Fibreglass Step Ladders
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€94.71 (inc vat)
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A picture of a Little Giant 2 Step MightyLite Step Ladder
Little Giant MightyLite Step Ladder
From €132.00 (ex vat)
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A Step Above the Rest

Our Step Ladders are not just any ordinary ladders. Designed with precision and user safety in mind, they provide the stability and reliability needed for a wide range of applications, from simple home repairs to more complex professional jobs. Available in various sizes, our step ladders cater to every requirement, making them a must-have in every Irish home and worksite.

For environments where electrical hazards exist, our Fibre Glass Step Ladders are the ideal solution. Manufactured by leading brands like Kensaw, these ladders offer the ultimate in safety and non-conductivity, without compromising on strength or durability. Perfect for electricians, technicians, and anyone working near electrical sources, our fibre glass step ladders provide peace of mind, ensuring your safety is always a priority.

When your task requires a bit more stability and a comfortable standing area, our Platform Ladders are the answer. These ladders feature a broad platform and a safety rail to allow you to work with both hands freely, making them ideal for painting, decorating, or any job that requires a bit of extra reach. With options from Little Giant, known for their quality and innovation, our platform ladders are a game-changer for many professionals and DIYers in Ireland.

For the ultimate in mobility and flexibility, our Mobile Access Platforms offer an unmatched solution. Designed to be moved easily around the worksite, these platforms provide a stable working area that can be adjusted to various heights. Whether you’re working in a warehouse, on a construction site, or in a large retail space, our mobile access platforms ensure you can reach where you need to safely and efficiently.