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Why buy forklift boom attachments from Lifting365?

Our range of boom extensions for forklifts are manufactured to the highest of standards and offer long-term strength and durability. Our range is comprehensive and based on the needs of modern companies and plants. We stock both booms that are mounted directly onto the carriage of the forklift truck and fork-mounted booms. Our underslung forklift jib boom is ideal for handling rolls or coiled products, and is available in capacities from 1,000kg to 2,000kg.

Safety retaining pins are used to securely connect the underslung forklift boom to your forklift forks, while the high grade EN19T steel is durable and long-lasting. Safety is a high priority, and safety retaining pins are used to securely connect the underslung forklift boom to the forklift forks. And, all our underslung forklift booms come fully tested and certified. We also stock a range of low-profile forklift booms, which are ideal for handling stacks of rolls or coiled products.

The leading edge nose cone is designed to avoid damage to the roll being handled while offering easy “glide in” pick up. And like our underslung forklift jib booms, these booms are produced in strong EN19T steel, and feature safety retaining pins to secure the boom to your forklift forks. The safety profile of our low-profile booms is enhanced by their ease of use. Large fork pockets allow for quick and easy fitting, meaning little training or downtime. In addition, the free-standing “drive in” feature only requires the operator to fit the boom, minimising any risk of errors.