6 Ton LX Steerman Nylon Wheeled Skates

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These three point loading systems comprise of a steerable front and a pair of adjustable rear skates. The heavy load moving systems are supplied ready-to-use.

The wheels are made of hard-wearing nylon. The front and rear skates can accept each 50 percent of the total capacity.

Load moving, machine lifting skates - low cost option.

This LX range of load moving systems are now available as a low cost alternative to our premium Steerman range of skates.


    Origin: United Kingdom
    Capacity: 6 ton
    Number of wheels: 12
    Wheel diameter: 85mm x 90mm
    Load area front skate: 185mm x 150mm
    Load area rear skate x width: 300mm x 250mm
    Height: 115mm
    Documentation: CE Marked and comes with Certification
    Specification sheet: pdf

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