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About the range of manual winches at Lifting365

Manual hand operated winches are affordable and easy to install and use. Their small size means that they are ideal for confined spaces, while spur gear drive winches are also suitable for use in areas where electricity is not available or suitable. Our wide range of manual winches in the Lifting365 online shop include pulley blocks from Yale, which are available in capacities ranging from 1,000kg up to 6,400kg. One side of these Yale pulley blocks is hinged and can be opened for easy and quick positioning of the wire rope on the sheave. It can also provide a quick and versatile rigging point or redirect a wire rope.

We also stock galvanised manual wire rope winches from Pfaff, a versatile, lightweight and efficient manual hand winch that can be mounted on a base or a column, and is fitted with load pressure brake. Spur gears are effective and efficient. Also from Pfaff, we stock wall-mounted manual winches in a range of capacities. These useful winches are multi-positional, easily mountable and lightweight, and features include a lightweight robust stamped steel housing and compact design, a spur gear drive and an integrated crank with load pressure brake. All parts are zinc-plated for better corrosion protection.

All the products in our manual winch range are chosen specifically for their clever design, ease of use and excellent safety profile. If you require more information on what type of manual winch is ideal for your business and job, please contact our customer service team today.