Multi Trolley

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Orit Board Roller 70mm "Jack 70"
Orit Board Roller 70mm
€128.00 (ex vat)
€157.44 (inc vat)
Orit Board Roller 160mm "Jack 160"
Orit Board Roller 160mm
€131.00 (ex vat)
€161.13 (inc vat)
Orit Board Transporter "Rock & Roll"
Orit Board Transporter Trolley 'Rock & Roll'
€534.00 (ex vat)
€656.82 (inc vat)
Furniture Multi Trolley Standard 6.0
Furniture Multi Trolley Standard 6.0
€552.00 (ex vat)
€678.96 (inc vat)
Furniture Multi Trolley Worker 6.0
Furniture Multi Trolley Worker 6.0
€588.00 (ex vat)
€723.24 (inc vat)

Multi Trolley Products

The ultimate outcome is a more streamlined workday, a feat that's challenging to achieve with a standard cart. The development of this furniture cart draws upon over four decades of expertise in the moving industry, where experience has evolved into highly effective techniques. These techniques are integrated into the Multi Trolley – one could argue that it's as much a methodology as it is a transportation device.

Research indicates that four out of five people will, at some point in their lives, encounter back pain, a risk that significantly escalates when handling heavy objects. Their vision is that their techniques and transport cart will contribute to a more straightforward and safer work environment for anyone involved in moving furniture and bulky items.