1000kg Galvanised Pump Lifting Chain

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Our Grade 40 Galvanised Pump Chains are a quality product for lifting and lowering of pumps and aeration devices for water and sewage.

Fitted with index lifting points at each end and at 1 metre centres. All items are supplied tested and complete with relevant certification.
It is equipped as standard with a SWL Tag (Safe Working Load) and Certificate that meet Local and National Safety Regulations.

  • Assembled, Welded and Tested at our Cradley manufacturing site
  • Full traceability for all components used in manufacturing process
  • Chain links are embossed with manufacturers mark and batch number every 12 links or 1m which ever is the lesser
  • Every Enlarged Link embossed with our manufacturing Batch Number.
  • All assemblies are Proof Load Tested to 2.5 x W.L.L.
  • Factor of Safety: 4:1
For larger capacities, please call or email us.


Origin: Germany
Capacity (W.L.L): 1000kg
Effective Working Length (E.W.L) Options: 1 meter up to 12 meters
Chain Diameter: 10mm
D1 (See Specification Image): 11mm
D (See Specification Image): 18mm
L (See Specification Image): 135mm
W (See Specification Image): 75mm
L (approx) (See Specification Image): 1000mm
Documentation: CE Marked and comes with Certification

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