Furniture Multi Trolley Worker 6.0

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The Furniture Multi Trolley Worker 6.0 in Ireland has the same features as the Furniture Multi Trolley Standard 6.0 except it has an extra set of adjustable posts that can carry taller items like tall panels, doors, tall boards etc. The Furniture Multi Trolley Worker 6.0 is ergonomically designed so one person is able to move furniture completely on their own. Without needing to directly lift or carry items you avoid the risk of injury and the smooth wheels make the trolley easy to handle, especially in tight spaces. The flexible posts are designed to fit the item at hand, regardless of size or thickness. All posts are completely adjustable and removable. Examples of items that can be moved with Multi Trolley are:Tables, desks, beds, sofas, whiteboards, cabinets, shelves, boards, panels and much, much more.

Advantages of using Multi Trolley: Satisfied customers -1 person can perform a job that previously demanded at least 2, you can save money with this efficient method and reallocate resources (or not have to wait for a colleague). Multi Trolley makes it easy to maneuver big and awkward items, removing the risk of damage to users, items and premises.

Safety first: Multi Trolley is recommended by various ergonomic agencies (such as Sweden’s EHSS) and meets the EU directive on materials handling (90/269/EEC). Through avoiding heavy lifts and carrying awkward loads you can create both an ergonomic working environment with minimised risk work work-related injuries and sick days lost.

Increased profitability: by streamlining your time and workforce, Multi Trolley becomes a profitable investment that is quickly paid off. Smooth and quick handling of furniture reduces customer complaints and increases satisfied customers. Improving employees’ health and equipment reduces sick days lost to injuries and improves working lives. That is why we proudly state that Multi Trolley is an economic necessity.






Model Number:





2mm steel profile




Length: 780mm x Width: 520mm

Adjustable posts:

Height: 760mm and 560mm

Fixed posts:

Height: 420mm


CE Marked and comes with Certification

Specification Sheet:


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