Probst Adjustable Paving Block Transport Cart Trolley

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The Probst Adjustable Paving Block Transport Cart Trolley in Ireland is one of the most unique paving material handling trolleys on the market. This block paving trolley with its unique clamping arms has made moving paving bricks and blocks so much easier. In the past professionals in the Construction Industry moved paving bricks and blocks by using a wheelbarrow which led to an increased risk when it came to Manual Handling. But with the Probst Adjustable Paver Block Transport Cart Trolley has reduced this type of Manual Handling Risk.


Specification Sheet: probst_fz_flat_grab_lifting_clamp
Brand: Probst Handling Equipment
Origin: Germany
Model: VTK-V
Capacity: 400kg
Clamping range: From 550mm up to 1050mm
Length of gripper: 200mm
Maximum height of stone or element you are carrying: 900mm
Weight of trolley: 68kg
Documentation: CE marked and comes with Certification

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