How to Maximise your Forklift Using Jibs

Forklift Jib and hook attachments can easily turn your forklift in to a multi purpose lifting machine, they are simple to use whilst also being a cost effective solution. We have a large range of forklift crane Jibs available in our store, the Jibs range in lifting capacity from 1000 kg up to 10,000 kg and come as carriage mounted Jibs, crane Jibs, raised and extended Jibs. In this blog post I would like to share with you all the features and benefits of these Jibs and the great benefits you can get from using them. It is advantageous to make use of your forklift trucks while maximising their potential, you can achieve this by using forklift Jib attachments.

Our forklift hooks and jib attachments are a simple and cost effective way of safely hanging a load under the forks of the lift truck. These attachments can prevent the need for hiring in or buying cranes and hoists, they are a great solution out on the yard or in a warehouse, as forklift jibs and hook attachments are ideal for a number of applications and work great in combination with a lot of normal forklift trucks.


  • Cost effective solution
  • Simple to use
  • Can prevent the need for cranes and hoists
  • Excellent range of lifting capacities to suit your needs
  • Ideal for a number of lifting applications


When it comes to your forklift you must check what its rated to lift in general and what its maximum lifting capacity is, also having a look at your forklifts manual should show you what attachments are safe to use on your forklift. Only use jibs and attachments which are allowed and able to fit on your forklift, it's never a good idea to use equipment which is not designed or meant to be used on certain forklift models, as you could risk injury or damage.

Understanding The Maximum Load Capacity

Forklift Beams or Jibs are rated for their maximum load capacity. An example would be a forklift that is rated at 900 kg could lift loads weighing that much from the standard forklifts load center, this is usually 60cm from the end of the Beam or Jib attached to the vehicle. It basically goes like this the further away from the Jibs center you go, the lower the load capacity will be.

Most Beams or Jibs are easily attached to the forklift trucks by inserting the forks in to the attachments fork pockets, this allows the rear of the attachment to be against the end of the fork. The attachment is secured in place by using heel pins that are inserted behind the heel in to each fork preventing the attachment from coming loose or moving forward.

Some Jibs attach on to the fork in a different way using a safety chain that can wrap around the strongest part of the forklifts carriage for additional support when lifting heavy loads. It is best if the supporting chain is wrapped around a number of times to take up the slack which can be on the chain, the chain can then be hooked onto itself with the grab hook pointed downwards.



With lifting capacities ranging from 1000 kg up to 5000 kg this is one of our most popular forklift and telehandler Jibs available. The Low Liner Jib is an inexpensive forklift Jib that gives long reaching capabilities for picking up loads or products that are difficult to pallatise, or also for handling motors or press tools that are in positions that are hard to access.

The length of this Jib is 1800mm long and comes with various lifting points that are located on the underside to allow loads to be picked up at various different lengths. For load safety when lifting it is important to check the load capacity chart which comes with this Jib for information regarding maximum lifting capacities and positions it suits best. This attachment is secured in place using the heel pin retention to eliminate any risk of slipping or movement while carrying the load. What makes these Jibs so versatile is there number of hook positions, they allow for great flexibility in terms of lifting from different distances and narrow spaces.

Its long reach arm allows otherwise inaccessible places to be reached, this can help to reduce factory maintenance costs. The fork pockets on this Jib are large allowing for easy attachment when the forklift drives in to attach to the Jib, this also makes it quick and easy to remove the attachment from the forklift truck.



The raised height forklift jib comes in a range of 1000 kg up to 5000 kg lifting capacity, it is suitable for both telehandlers and forklifts as an attachment, and is ideal for lifting and conveying loads which are not really suitable for palletising. What is special about this Jib is the raised height that it offers, with this raised height it gives the forklift operator much improved visibility.

Its manufactured to the highest quality and comes with a fixed beam length of 1800mm, combined with 4 different lifting location points for added versatility.  With a hook and shackle supplied as standard, this is an ideal choice for long reach load handling. The heel pin allows for retention for safe securement to the forklift truck and like all our range of Jibs comes fully tested and certified for health & safety regulation.


This cross beam Jib offers dual flexibility, it can support a load when it is in the spreader beam position with a capacity of 2000kg. When it is in the Jib position then it has a capacity of 500 kg. This is a great versatile product, when it is in the cross beam position then it can also handle loads at right angles of the forklift truck which is desired for some applications.

It is supplied with two hooks and shackles for either end of the cross beam. As like all of Jibs it comes fully tested and safety certified.


We also have carriage mounted Jibs, these are great for hard to reach areas or for lifting motors in tight spaces, they come in a range of 1800 kg up to 4400 kg lifting capacity, so they are suitable for many applications around a busy work site. Having the carriage mount is great for turning your forklift into a dedicated lifting crane and as it attaches onto the carriage mount this means the forklift can be positioned closer to the load. What is great about this Jib is the extension amount, it can be extended to a length of 3000mm and it is safely secured on to the forklift truck using the heel pin retention.


This is a perfect Jib for dealing with loads that are at variable heights, it can go to an angle of 45 degrees with 5 degree increments making it a good choice of those loads at heights. With the beam length also being manually adjusted. The closed length of the beam is 2500mm and the fully extended length is 3000mm, this makes it suited for handling extra long loads.

The Jibs come with a range of benefits due to its articulating nature, such as improved visibility for the truck operator whilst keeping the hook off the ground when the Jib is left standing. It also has multiple hook positions for flexible load handling and greatly reduces handling cost.



These are just some of the Jibs and Beams we have available, we have many more to read up on. Check out our range of forklift jibs and hooks. When it comes to purchasing Jibs and Beams it is important to know your requirements and lifting needs and to match these up with a product that will work for you. These Jibs and Beams offer great lifting capabilities and at low costs. It is also important to match an attachment that will suit your forklift and its lifting capacities so as to ensure you meet the required health and safety standards when operated a forklift truck with attachments..



Maintaining your equipment is vital to ensuring your tools last a long time, this is true for all good work tools, keeping them stored in a dry area when not in use and regularly checking to make sure there is no damage to any of them. The good thing about these Jibs is that they are low maintenance as there are few moving parts on them. It is important to check the hooks and shackles that are used for any normal wear or tear.

  • Inspect for any damage at critical points

  • Check to make sure the Hook and Shackles are in working order

  • Ensure the forks are not worn or damaged



Here are a few forklift Jib and Beam safety tips that will help you be safe when using your attachment:

  • It is important to check Jibs and Beams before use, this will help to ensure the attachments are fitted securely and will not come loose, it's also important to check the maximum load capacity before commencing the lift.

  • If the forks are not level when the Jib is attached, then this can increase the risk of the forklift tipping over. The forks should always be kept level or tipped upwards to avoid this.

  • Jibs are meant to lift loads only vertically meaning they should not be used to pull or swing loads. Using tag lines could help to reduce any swinging.

  • You should never use a Jib or Beam attachment if your forklift is on an incline, they should only be used on level ground and securely parked.

  • Before the attachments are used, the operator must be properly trained and certified on the use of that forklift truck and attachments.

When using a forklift Jib attachment care should be given as it substantially will increase the risk of the forklift tipping. If you are unsure about its operation then you should check the owner's manual and also receive the correct training and any relevant certificates.



Jibs and Beams have been designed to add functionality to your forklift and telehandlers capabilities, they can do this whilst also being a cost effective and affordable option. Reducing the need to hire a crane or other hoisting equipment. There low maintenance and associated cost adds to the benefit of owning one of these attachments as they are not only a product to solve your short term lifting needs, they are an investment in your business that will serve you throughout.

With our great range of Jibs and Beams available we hope you can find one that suits your needs. You can check out our range here: Forklift Jibs and Hooks.