Tipping Skips - A Great Addition to your Forklift Attachments

Forklift tipping skips make a great addition to your forklift tools, I will discuss the variety of tipping skips that are currently available. These tipping skips are quick and easy to attach making it a safe and practical product to own, not only are tipping skips efficient for waste management but they save space and ensure forklifts are used to their fullest potential.

In the article I will share with you how to make the most of your tipping skip products and depending on your requirements which tipping skips will suit your needs, these tipping skips range in size from 180 liters up to 1500 liters.

In this post I will discuss the following:

  1. Overview Of The Different Types Of Forklift Tipping Skips
  2. Need A Small Portable Skip?
  3. Safely Operating Tipping Skips
  4. Tipping Skips with castors

  5. Why Heavy Duty Skips Are Worth Having?

  6. Galvanised Or Stainless Steel, When to use them?


For either indoor or outdoor use, using tipping skips can be a vital addition to your work-space, knowing your requirements before buying a tipping skip is very important, you may not yet know your  requirements and we are here to help, you can contact us at our website if you have any further inquiries into these products and their specifications.

Tipping skips also work great on telehandlers with forks giving even more options to work with.

  • Auto Release

This type of tipping skip has an auto release feature for forklift and telehandlers, these waste skips benefit from all the same design features of the standard forklift and telehandler tipping skips but have an extra feature with an auto release mechanism which is located to the underside of the skip. When this feature is activated, the auto-release mechanism quickly and easily begins to empty the skip, without the operator needing to exit the cab.


The dangers of traditional forklift tipping skips are minimised with the auto-release feature, keeping safety in mind when operating heavy machinery is very important.

On the auto-release, no ropes or wires are required and also there is no need to dangerously climb up to the skip to activate the tipping handle, this tipping skip is an ideal choice tipping at a height when it is required.


Castors can also be fitted with these skips which aids in maneuverability on level surfaces. Having an automatic function also speeds up operations making it a very efficient choice.


  • Low Loading


Another practical Forklift Attachment is the low loading skip, if you require a forklift skip which has a low height overall, that can fit into small spaces where height is reduced or restricted. A skip like this is an ideal solution for collecting debris such as scrap, machined parts, swarf, or blank parts.


This also has a watertight construction which is always a good feature to have as containing liquids will help keep your working space clean and tidy. Built with 3mm steel side plates and 5mm base and rear plate for added strength. The release mechanism is easy to use as it is simply a handle which ensures contents are emptied quick and easily with no manual handling involved of the products.


  • Regular tipping skip

The regular duty tipping skip comes with a twin locking mechanisms for added safety, this ensures the skip is securely fastened to the forklift. Again this is an ideal solution for collecting debris such as scrap, machined parts, swarf, or blank parts. Strongly built with 3mm steel side plating and with a 5mm base and rear plate for added strength. The handle release mechanism is simple to use which reduces manual handling involved and empties waste quickly.

  • Lidded Tipping Skip



These are roll forward skips that have the added benefit of a full length release handle that is accessible from either side of the skip which eliminates the need go dangerously over the skip to activate it. This means the skip can also be tipped if positioned adjacent to a wall.


These lidded skips are very practical for containing waste and their main job is for reducing foul odours, preventing rubbish from been blown around and they also keep out animals and pests if the skips are left outdoors. This skip offers speedy removal of rubbish or scrap to the appropriate areas of removal and castors can also be easily added to these tipping skips for better transport options. They also offer twin locks and a security chain to fasten to the forklift truck.


The lid is hinged so it can easily be lifted back and stay in position if needed, and comes with strong 3mm and 5mm thick steel plates for its strength making it a long lasting product.


  • Affordable option

Tipping skips for forklifts and telehandlers are an affordable option when it comes to collecting waste and debris around your worksite. They ensure your forklifts use is optimized and reduce the need to hire in additional skips or buy permanent fixed bins.


  • Ease of use

These tipping skips offer a practical solution to managing waste, there ease of use is why they are a favourite tool to use by many construction sites and manufacturing sites. With the optional automatic release arm being available this reduces the need for the operator to even leave the cab, making this not only easier to you but also a safer option.


  • Can be moved to different locations

Forklifts and telehandlers have the ability to pick these skips up and move them to a suitable area, as with many types of bins they usually need to be moved on a regular basis whether it's due to manufacturing being down in one area of a factory one week and another area the following week, having the ability to move and relocate these skips is a great advantage.


  • Attachments fit easily and quickly

As with any forklift accessories fitting and attaching plays an important part when designing the products to ensure a product is fit for purpose and meets the requirements of the customer, they have been built with the safety of the operator in mind this can be seen on the automatic release variant also the longer release handles added to ensure risk is minimised as much as possible.




  • Attaching the tipping skips

When attaching forklift tipping skips always inspect the tipping skip beforehand to make sure it is fit for purpose and no damaged or worn parts are present. Ensure the area is clear to work in and any pedestrians are not at any immediate risk when the forklift is in operation. Make sure to attach the chain link to fasten the skip to the truck ensuring it does not come loose at any stage and fall off causing injury or harm. It is important to know the dangers when operating forklifts with attachments and minimise the risks involved.


  • Training and Retraining

Ensure the operators of the forklift are properly trained to work with the machinery provided and that they trained and certified. It is also important to keep in mind that when new attachments are added to the forklift, retraining take place for the operators as they will be unfamiliar with how the attachment product works.


  • Know the capacity and specifications

When it comes to capacity and specifications for forklifts knowing there limitations is vital for safe operations. Adding attachments may change the capacity so this must be kept in mind when working with them. Each of the attachments will come clearly with there capacity and safe working limits in the specification and information for the forklift operator should be updated then.



  • Why have castors on tipping skips?

Castors on tipping skips gives you the option to wheel the skip by hand if it's required, sometimes it is necessary to move a skip just a short distance to clear an are temporarily and in this instance bringing in a forklift may take longer than just doing it by hand.


  • Check the ground surface is flat and allows wheels to move freely

As castors are an optional feature for tipping skips they may not suit everyone's workspace, if the areas surface is not even and outdoors with pebbles or rocks then having castors may not suit your needs


Heavy duty steel is used in the construction material used for building these tipping skips.


If your worksite is a quarry, scrap yard, construction site, building site or steel fabricators then having heavy duty tipping skips is the best solution as it offers greater strength than the standard type which is needed when dealing with large and heavy items of waste, debris and materials.


They are manufactured with 5mm heavy duty thick steel on all sides to ensure it stands up to the toughest of jobs.



  • Stainless Steel Tipping Skips



Fully stainless steel in construction, our range of stainless steel tipping skips are designed for use primarily in the food and drinks industry, where corrosion resistance and the minimisation of contamination is vital. These tipping skips are completely built with stainless steel and offer features such as spark proof properties for ATEX required environments where minerals need to be explosive resistant.

  • Galvanised Tipping Skips


Galvanised tipping skips offer extra protection and are more suited to particular environments such as heavily corrosive environments, they are hot dipped to create the galvanized finish, ensuing the product has a long product life. Galvanised tipping skips are suited to dealing with waste that may have corrosive liquid or waste materials, this product comes in a heavy duty variant with 5 mm all around that offers added protection.



As with any forklift attachment, when used correctly they can become tremendously useful tools to have, making work more efficient and productive for waste, material and debris management. Your individual needs will determine which product you need whether your business is based in the food industry, construction or even a quarry business, there are multiple types of tipping skips available that may suit your needs.


With so many uses for tipping skips it is good to have an overview of there practicalities and extra features. You can also have a look on our website to view all our forklift attachments products here more closely and see which will suit your needs.