Forklift Drum Tipper Rotator

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Fork Mounted Drum Tipper Rotator in Ireland is designed for manual rotation of 210 litre drums. Our best selling Fork Mounted Drum Rotator offers controlled, safe pouring of 210 litre stell/plastic drums. The attachment simply slides onto the truck forks, thus allowing 360 degree controlled pouring/rotation via the gearbox. You have two types of gearbox operation. There is the Crank Handle operation and there is the Loop Chain Operation.

In order to pick up a drum; set the girdle to its horizontal position by using the handle/chain loop fitted to the gearbox. The truck forks must then be positioned at a height such that the girdle fits around the centre of the drum, between its rolling hoops. Ensure that the drum is held securely before lifting. Once lifted the drum can be rotated to begin pouring, the gearbox design ensures the drum can be locked at any desired angle.


  • Crank Handle or Loop Chain rotation to allow effortless and controlled pouring of drum contents, eliminating risk of over pouring and spillage.
  • Braced girdle assembly to avoid deformation and ensuring a perfect fit for your drum.
  • High quality gearbox to drain drums fully whilst eliminating manual handling and reducing risk of back strain.
  • Fitted with a housed flange bearing offering smooth rotation.
  • Manually adjustable drum girdle that grips drum firmly, eliminating risk of drum slippage and subsequent damage costs and contents loss.
  • Generous size 'drive in' fork pockets to allow quick fitting on and off forklift.
  • Large 'T' screw retention to forklift forks to ensure drum rotator is secured to the lift truck safely.
  • CE marked and supplied with Certificate of Conformity for Health & Safety Regulations.


Specification Sheet:

Forklift Drum Tipper Rotator





Drum Type:

Steel & 'L' Ring Plastic Drums

Types of gear box operations:

Crank Handle or Loop Chain


CE Marked and comes with Test Certificate

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