Forklift Fender Tip Highlighter

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Our forklift fork tip highlighter is produced from bright colour foam and is designed to slip over the tips of the forklift forks to increase fork visibility. This is a low cost safety product that is a must for any working area where forklifts are present. Moving or stationary forklifts with bare forks can pose a serious hazard to pedestrians.

The forklift fork tip highlighter can help safeguard against fork trip hazards and are ideal for highlighting the tips of the forks, when the forks are raised during truck servicing.

Dimensions of the fork tip highlighter is 1000mm wide x 85mm deep x 100mm high


  • Bright yellow to highlight the tips of forklift forks to prevent trip hazards and accidents
  • No moving parts offer zero maintenance or servicing costs
  • Large fork slots to accommodate a large range of fork section sizes
  • Lightweight to allow easy fitment to forklift forks


Origin: United Kingdom
Model Number(s): FBF-C
Colour: Yellow
Fork Slot Size: 300mm x 15mm
Fork Spread: 790mm

CE Marked and comes with Certification

Specification sheet:


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